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My first breakdance attempt

Today I got more fimiliar with the basic toprock and zig zag down move, and lastly 6-steps. It's definately challenging in terms of balancing my weight properly when shifting positions to each arm and leg. Trying out on flat palm, tips of my fingers, and pads of my fingers- pads of the finger and tips are hardest- several times it felt like my fingers could sprain or bend in a very uncomfortable way, so i'm sticking with flat palm until i become more fimiliar with everything else my body is doing. On top of that getting back into building up my stamina is another factor of it all, it's so easy to forget that i need to take a break since its not like a deliberate "exercise" routine, where you are assigned to doing X amount of situp sand pushups. I'm sure over time my upper body will develope much more strength, as i plan to be able to do a handstand when things feel more comfortable. But to sum it up- the session is really a fresh breath of air. This new hobby will definately be a good upkeep to my health and flair for self expression!
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