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(Bust a Move)

hi there! :) [06 Apr 2009|01:27pm]

i'm new in this community :) Is it possible if any of you friendly people can help me by telling me which songs are good to breakdance to?
and how to find them and stuff?

(Bust a Move)

Second day of breakdancing. [29 Jul 2008|11:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So as i continued watching more video tuts that show proper technique on doing the basic break dance moves, i noticed there were a lot of small warm up drills that should be taken notice- to avoid any potential injury or sprains for the person just starting off.
I will have to create a warm up drill, as well as workout regimen and routine for some of the basic break moves it is i wish to master.

So here below are some of the clips that focuses on 6-step in terms of shifting weight between arms and legs, and placement of thumb and leg exercises. Enjoy!!!

And for this one: you'll have to visit the page to see the video clip, as i'm not sure how to embed the video on this page.

Click here to visit the page.

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My first breakdance attempt [28 Jul 2008|08:44pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Today I got more fimiliar with the basic toprock and zig zag down move, and lastly 6-steps. It's definately challenging in terms of balancing my weight properly when shifting positions to each arm and leg. Trying out on flat palm, tips of my fingers, and pads of my fingers- pads of the finger and tips are hardest- several times it felt like my fingers could sprain or bend in a very uncomfortable way, so i'm sticking with flat palm until i become more fimiliar with everything else my body is doing. On top of that getting back into building up my stamina is another factor of it all, it's so easy to forget that i need to take a break since its not like a deliberate "exercise" routine, where you are assigned to doing X amount of situp sand pushups. I'm sure over time my upper body will develope much more strength, as i plan to be able to do a handstand when things feel more comfortable. But to sum it up- the session is really a fresh breath of air. This new hobby will definately be a good upkeep to my health and flair for self expression!

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Hello There! :3 [30 Jun 2008|12:10am]

[ mood | nervous ]

So, I'm new to this community.
Ehh...I've been breakdancing to this:
I like it, but I want to try and find more songs to break to,
any suggestions?
Umm...here's some info about me,
just in case you were thinking
" Who's this girl who just suddenly came in?! "
* nervous laugh * @.@
- My name is Tanya
- I've been breaking for...maybe only three months.
- Some people call me Tee
- I absolutely HATE spiders >.<
- It's no use trying to use big words with me in the morning
[ hee hee :D ]
- Last but not least, I really hope to make some new
friends here (:

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an ill track [12 Oct 2007|01:16pm]

I've been dancing to this beat for the past few weeks. Skripture from Chicago mixed this a few years ago, but recently Phase T did a remix for it (BOTY showcase 2005).

Final Fantasy - One Winged Angel (Phase T remix)

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Boston scene [02 Jan 2007|03:30am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Is there a Boston scene? Does anyone give demos or classes? Web links?

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Looking for some new inspiration [20 Jun 2006|05:43pm]

Who are your favorite bboys/bgirls? Who inspires you? Point me to some info, if it's online.

Also, anyone into tricking? I found this site a long time ago, though it seems pretty chaotic and redundant.

Thanks, and hope you're having a good summer so far!!

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Classes in LA? [15 Jun 2006|01:50pm]

I'm curious about break classes in LA. I'm going to be there for a few weeks this summer, and I would love to take some, but I don't know where. If you have any info, please tell not just where and when, but also what sort of class is it? Like, if it's one where only really really experienced breakers go and throw their power moves, I'm quite sure that's not the place for me. But if there's a beginner/intermediate breakin' class, I'd be interested. Thanks in advance.

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[11 May 2006|03:56pm]

Whats a "bonnie & clyde" battle? Is that guy/girl vs guy/girl?

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[10 May 2006|09:54pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey, i'm all new (and i mean "all") to this blogging scene, but it seems like this could be a very useful item for networking. anyway, im posting with las vegas in mind. i spent some time in chicago where i began learning the fine fun of breakdancing at a place called "alternatives" (anyone from chi-town should be familiar with it). i learned mostly just basics (top rock, 6step, 3step, basic pose, etc...) before circumstances had me moving to vegas. i wouldn't mind getting involved in some kind of community breakdancing over here. does anyone know where or who i could contact to find out what the scene is in las vegas? there's gotta be something in the desert. let me know. much thanks.

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Moving to the Chicago area relatively soon... [06 Apr 2006|01:53pm]

So, I''ll be moving to the south suburbs of chicago in a coupla months. More specifically University Park, Il. If there are any people relatively close by who are looking for dance buddies and willing to teach a newbie, I'd love the opportunity to learn. Thanks. Just comment here if youre interested.

(Bust a Move)

Keep Me Updated Please! [06 Apr 2006|08:56am]


I haven't been here in a while...& thought to ask...

If you guys know of any Jams in Kali or near by Kali....
Let me know PLEASE!!!


If anyone Knows of any in San Diego or L.A. especially!!! let me know please!



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эй йо откликнитесь RUSSIAN ббойз!! [04 Apr 2006|07:03pm]
эй есть кто нить тут из руских ббоев и бгерл???

отписывайтесь в коментариях!

мне френдов которые "в теме" надо набрать! =)

кароче обьявляйтесь!!!

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Vicious Germz Presents... [05 Mar 2006|10:37am]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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[05 Mar 2006|03:34pm]

Here you can see some photos from roda of Russian ABADA Capoeira team.


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Track selections for a recital [26 Feb 2006|09:34am]

I'm teaching these kids how to dance right now at a school in Rockwall,TX. I'm supposed to put together a nice little routine for them to perform. I wanted to use a song from the 80s and a current song on the radio. So what selections would you choose? I'm doing a basic routine with some toprock, footwork and a pose. The other routine will be a funkstyles/hip hop choreography. You know what I mean a few arm waves and a few 8 counts. So give me some selections please.

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Anyone in Houston? [24 Feb 2006|04:28am]

Hey guys! I've been around for a while, but I don't ever really post. I've been dancing for my entire life, but got into breaking when I came up to college. My problem is, when I am on vacations from school, I don't really know of anywhere I can go. Is there anyone on here in the Houston area who knows of breakdance classes or sessions I can go to during my breaks?

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Turn up the beat [05 Jan 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Im new to the community.
Im a Bgirl in trainning,
and always looking for some good advise.

I've just started...

Well, I look forward to meeting those who are still active in the community.


(Bust a Move)

Faith Exist vs Mortal Kombat [24 Dec 2005|12:06pm]



(Bust a Move)

[07 Nov 2005|07:23pm]


my new favorite site.
All the videos I have tagged for "DANCE"

you'll love it.

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